13 ways to use Lebkuchen spiced gingerbread Irish cream in your cooking

A bottle of Tesco Finest Irish Cream Liqueur Lebkuchen Spiced Gingerbread

This brand spanking new Tesco Lebkuchen Irish cream liqueur is made with rich double cream from an award-winning dairy, ‘Ballyrashane’, which prides itself on its grass-fed dairy cows. This is combined with warming single malt Irish whiskey and blended with the nostalgic flavour of Christmas Spiced Gingerbread known as Lebkuchen, famous in the German Christmas markets for its nutmeg, almond, candied orange, ginger and malty characters.

Our olive Christmas taste testers couldn’t get enough – awarding it first place in the Christmas liqueurs category at our annual Christmas supermarket awards.

Perfect on it’s own but we’ve also come up with some great ways to use it in your cocktails and cooking:


Lebkuchen espresso martinis

For a spiced, creamy twist on the classic: pour a good measure of Lebkuchen spiced gingerbread Liqueur into a cocktail shaker along with the same amount of cold, strong coffee and a small dash of vodka. Tip in lots of cubed ice, put on the lid and shake really well. Pour into martini glasses and top with a few coffee beans.

Churros with chocolate and gingerbread spiced dipping sauce

Deep friend churros then rolled in mixed spice spiked sugar. Served with a melted chocolate and lebkuchen liqueur dipping sauce.

Gingerbread martinis

Add a splash of Lebkuchen liqueur, a splash of vodka and a splash of cream to a cocktail shaker along with a tsp of caramel sauce and a sprinkling of ground ginger, ground cinnamon and mixed spice. Add cubed ice and shake really well then pour into martini glasses and top with more mixed spice, ginger and cinnamon.

Lebkuchen chocolate truffles

Lebkuchen chocolate truffles

Chop equal parts dark and milk chocolate and add to a bowl. Pour equal parts double cream and Lebkuchen spiced gingerbread liqueur that is just under the same weight of chocolates, and heat until just under the boil. Pour over the chocolate, leave to sit for a minute then stir until the chocolate is completely melted. Pour into a shallow container and chill. Use a tea spoon to scoop balls out of the mix and use slightly damp hands to roll into balls. Top with cocoa powder, chopped nuts or toasted dessicated coconut.

Lebkuchen profiteroles

Add a slightly boozey, spiced twist to profiteroles. Whip the double cream with a little icing sugar and a few tbsp of the lebkuchen liqueur to soft peaks and put into a piping bag. Pipe into the baked choux pastry balls. Dip each in melted chocolate and dust over a little mixed spice.

Lebkuchen rich’s ruin

Put a couple of scoops of vanilla, salted caramel or chocolate ice cream into bowls, then pour over a generous splash of Lebkuchen spiced gingerbread Liqueur. Crush over maltesers to serve.

Lebkuchen spiced gingerbread latte

Lebkuchen spiced gingerbread latte

Tip equal parts Lebkuchen spiced gingerbread liqueur and whole milk into a small pan and heat until steaming. Pour into a cafetiere. Pump the filter up and down repeatedly – this will make incredibly frothy milk. Pour coffee into cups or latte glasses and pour over the frothy Lebkuchen spiked milk.

Lebkuchen spiced gingerbread tiramisu

Mix equal parts Lebkuchen spiced gingerbread liqueur and espresso coffee in a bowl. Whisk a few egg yolks with a little sugar and vanilla extract then fold in the mascarpone. Whisk the egg whites and fold this in too. Soak ½ the sponge fingers in the coffee mix, then lay in a deep serving dish. Spoon ½ of the mascarpone mix over this, then dust over a little cocoa powder and mixed spice. Repeat with the sponge fingers and cream mix then dust over a thicker layer of cocoa powder and mixed spice. Chill in the fridge for at least four hours, then serve.

Lebkuchen and ginger nut cheesecake pots

Lebkuchen and ginger nut cheesecake pots

Put the ginger nuts into a bag and use a rolling pin to roughly break up. Whisk together soft cheese, a little icing sugar and a good splash of Lebkuchen spiced gingerbread liqueur. In a separate bowl whisk a few spoonfuls of speculoos spread with warm water to make a drizzleable sauce. In tall glasses or jars, add a sprinkling of the biscuits, spoon in some cheesecake then add a drizzle of the sauce. Repeat.

Stir it into custard or single cream

There’s always an abundance of custard and pouring cream around at Christmas – simply whisk in some of the lebkuchen liqueur to custard to cream for serving over the Christmas period.

Whip it up with cream to top hot chocolate

Make an indulgent hot chocolate and add a splash of lebkuchen liqueur. To serve whip double cream and lebkuchen liqueur to soft peaks and spoon on top with a few marshmallows and a grating of dark chocolate to serve.

Chocolate and lebkuchen cake

Chocolate and lebkuchen cake

Make a deep dark chocolate sponge, then a simple buttercream. Whisk a few tbsp of the lebkuchen liqueur into the buttercream to loosen and use to ice the cake.

Spiced gingerbread trifle

Jamaican ginger cake soaked in cherry to line the bottom, then a thick layer of lebkuchen spiced custard, topped with vanilla whipped cream and break up flakes to top.

You can grab a bottle from your local Tesco, or it’s available online here

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