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April cover 2021

olive is brought to you by the same team as BBC Good Food, Britain’s leading food media brand. All our recipes are developed and thoroughly tested by experts, so you know they’ll work every time. Our writers are food experts, so when we make a restaurant recommendation or review a destination or product, you can trust our opinion.

In our April issue, we’re celebrating fresh, seasonal ingredients such as asparagus, radishes, rhubarb and watercress. Sink into chocolate heaven with our silky cheesecake, fluffy meringue pie and crisp cookies. Fill up on our balanced weeknight meals and wholesome bakes. Explore Barbados with Smokestak’s David Carter and capture the taste of Tel Aviv with our colourful recipes.

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olive April cover 2021

5 reasons to buy our April issue

Chocolate heaven

We’ve used chocolate with a wide variety of different ingredients, all of which showcase its delicious versatility. Try our triple chocolate miso cookies with a subtle umami note, or our decadent Guinness brownies with a sweet swirl of caramel. You could even use chocolate in a savoury dish, with our roast chicken with coffee and chocolate mole.

Chocolate miso cookies

Everyday healthy

Nadine Brown shares her balanced recipes for easy, nourishing meals. Make easy weeknight dinners, such as spiced fish cakes with carrot and cucumber salad, chilli con carne cottage pie or chicken, mushroom and spinach stroganoff. For breakfast, try her sweet lassi smoothie bowl with vibrant mango and pistachio. Fancy something sweet? Bake a loaf of cinnamon and coconut banana bread.

Sweet Lassi Smoothie Bowl

Cook like a local

Explore international destinations from the comfort of your home with our rich guides to global cuisine. Chefs share the unique ingredients, traditions and dishes of their favourite locations. This month, we find out about the Caribbean island where David Carter, chef and founder of Smokestak in London, grew up. Travel to Tel Aviv, a colourful blend of different cultures and cuisines. Experience a taste of the city, from spiced shawarma to fresh, zingy salads and warm, cheese-filled pastries.


Kitchens to covet

Get inspired with our home decor edit, featuring real kitchens from our special contributors. Emiko Davies’ kitchen is a much-loved place to work, cook and eat, that pays tribute to the traditional designs, textures and colours of her adopted homeland.

Emiko Davies’ kitchen

Eat in, Eat out

Recreate joyous dishes from Asma Khan’s acclaimed Indian restaurant, Darjeeling Express. It’s grown from a supper club to a full-sized restaurant currently based in London’s Soho, but it still serves the same family recipes that have been lovingly cooked in Indian households for generations. Try her beautifully spiced dishes, from aloo gobi mattar to mutton keema and saag channa masala.

Darjeeling Express

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