Best blackcurrant recipes

Black Currant Ice Cream Recipe

Looking for blackcurrant recipes? Want to make the most of these summer berries? Blackcurrants have a relatively short season from early July to mid-to late, so make sure you make the most of this versatile fruit with these vibrant recipes. Try our ideas below and then take a look at our summer cordial recipes and home made ice cream recipes

Best blackcurrant recipes

Blackcurrant cordial

For a super simple and summery cordial, you can’t go wrong with blackcurrant. Serve over plenty of ice or use to make a fruity mojito cocktail.

Easy Blackcurrant Cordial Recipe

Blackcurrant jelly

Using blackcurrants for jelly means you can give them a basic prep without worrying about the fiddly stalks as you’ll only be using the juice. For a creamy finish, serve with a dollop of custard on top.


Blackcurrant ice cream

A delicious weekend treat and good for garden gluts too, check out this no-churn homemade ice cream with blackcurrant sauce.

Black Currant Ice Cream Recipe

Pigeon breasts with blackcurrant sauce

Try Valentine Warner’s pigeon breasts with a juicy blackcurrant sauce for an impressive dinner for two.

pigeon breasts with blackcurrant sauce

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