Best luxury Easter eggs 2021

Best Easter Egg Taste Test 2020

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a chocolate egg (or several, in our case) and we’ve tried and tested some of the best luxury ones on offer – from quirky honeycomb designs to elegant vegan chocolate.

Our expert panel of olive judges blind-tasted each egg – rating them on taste, texture and appearance – and picked winners for each category, from extravagant showstoppers to crowd-pleasing numbers.

Read our guide to the best supermarket Easter eggs

Best crowd-pleasing chocolate Easter egg

Winner: Giant Blonde Chocolate Beehive Egg, £69.95/1.05kg, The Chocolate Libertine

Moreish chunks of honeycomb add satisfying crunch to creamy, caramelised white chocolate in this hefty, wow-factor beehive egg, weighing in at a whopping 1.05kg.

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Chocolate Libertine white chocolate honeycomb beehive best

Best grown-up Easter egg

Winner: Vegan Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Egg, £21/210g, Bettys

This is an elegant-looking and complex-tasting dark chocolate Easter egg, with notes of cherry and coffee that linger on the tongue. A well-tempered geometric shell has a satisfying snap and smooth flavour.

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Betty's Venezualan Dark Vegan Easter Egg, best luxury easter eggs 2020

Best extravagant Easter egg

Winner: Extra-Thick Easter Egg, £29/490g, Hotel Chocolat

The walls of this Easter egg are extra thick, consisting of crumbled cookies and puffed rice encased in sweet and smooth 40% milk chocolate. The egg also comes with an indulgent selection of dessert-inspired pralines, caramels and chocolates.

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Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road Easter Egg, best luxury Easter eggs 2020

Other luxury chocolate Easter eggs we tried:

Muscovado Caramel and Lemon Fondant Gulls Eggs, £16.95/130g, Fortnum & Mason. Buy now

Spring Bloom Egg, £32/315g, Bettys. Buy now

Artisan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, £29.99/200g, Selfridges. Buy now

Coconut and Chia 37% Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, £9.99/170g, Cox & Co. Buy now

Milk Chocolate Egg, £20/160g, Salcombe Dairy. Buy now

Milk Chocolate Chicken, £5.95/35g, Pump Street. Buy now

Taste test conducted and written by Anya Gilbert

2019 results…

The best supermarket Easter eggs

Best dark chocolate eggs

Gold: Sainsbury’s Cocoa et Co single-origin dark-chocolate celestial egg with hazelnut praline truffles, £10/240g

Alongside notes of coffee, fruit and pepper, this complex dark-chocolate egg has a creamy flavour, too.

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A dark chocolate egg with spiral design and gold glitter in a plastic box

Best milk chocolate eggs

Gold: Sainsbury’s Cocoa et Co Belgian milk-chocolate egg, £16/400g

Impressive on the eyes and the taste buds, this has super-smooth chocolate and a showstopping splatter design.

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A milk chocolate egg with golden splatter design on the front sat in a plastic box

Silver: Tesco Finest Belgian milk-chocolate, salted biscuit and maple egg, £8/360g

With its nuggets of salted biscuit, we loved the crunchy textures of this egg.

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A milk chocolate egg with gold lustre design. There is a maple drip on the egg and truffles sat around the bottom of the egg

Best white chocolate eggs

Gold: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Swiss white-chocolate bunny, £6/440g

A classic Easter bunny for children, with sweet chocolate and a satisfyingly thick shell.

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A white chocolate bunny stood up in a plastic packet


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