Best shallot recipes

Shallot Tarte Tatin Recipe

Looking for the best shallot recipes? Want the best shallot sauce or stunning tarte tatin recipe? See our recipe ideas below to make the most of this seasonal vegetable.

For more inspiration see our best onion recipes, our easy spring onions recipes and more vegetable side dishes.

Shallot recipes

Shallot tarte tatin

A savoury twist on a classic, make our glistening shallot tarte tatin for a stand-out vegetarian dinner party main.

Shallot Tarte Tatin Recipe

Beef fillet with port sauce and chips

A meat main dish with the wow factor, this beef fillet is served with a punchy port sauce featuring shallots.

Beef Fillet Recipe with Port Sauce and Chips

Roast beef with red wine gravy

In this recipe, a classic Sunday roast is elevated by a fruity redcurrant, wine and shallot sauce.

Roast Beef Recipe With Red Wine Gravy

Tommy Banks’ herb poached chicken with shallot and yogurt purée

This impressive herb poached chicken with shallot and yogurt purée by Tommy Banks from The Great British Menu is both simple and packed full of deep flavour. It’s a go-to dish for a dinner party showstopper.

Herb poached chicken with shallots and yogurt puree

Classic turkey with gravy and roast shallots

Roasted shallots make the perfect accompaniment to this classic turkey dish.

Turkey with shallots

Celeriac and pear soup

Shallots, pear and ginger take this classic celeriac soup to the next level – perfect for a meat-free dinner party starter.

Celeriac Soup Recipe With Pear

Spring onion bhajis with mint and coriander chutney

Our crispy and moreish spring onion and shallot bhajis, served with a mint and coriander chutney, are a great way to kickstart your dinner party.

Spring Onion Bhaji Recipe with Mint and Coriander Chutney

Plum chutney

This fruity plum chutney sees shallots, chillies, cranberries and apples combine to make a chutney that goes beautifully with cheese or cold cuts.

Homemade Spiced Plum Chutney Recipe

Cheese and balsamic shallot toastie

Arguably the best toastie you’ll ever make, take a look at this epic recipe featuring slow-cooked shallots, a three-cheese mix, wedges of sourdough and a layer of mustard.

Cheese and balsamic shallot toastie

Caramelised shallots and brussels sprouts

For a classic veggie side dish, try our gluten-free shallots and brussels sprouts. Caramelising the shallots offers a much deeper flavour, while the calvados adds an extra zing.

Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Shallots

Spiced pickled shallots

These spiced pickled shallots make for a lovely homemade gift, or enjoy yourself as an easy seasonal snack.

Spiced Pickled Onions Recipe

Duck and shallots au vin 

If you’re looking for an alternative for a family weekend meal, try this great wintery meal of duck and shallots au vin.

Duck and Shallots Au Vin Recipe

Pappardelle with buttery tomato and shallot sauce 

A great option for meat-free Monday, try this quick and simple pappardelle with shallot sauce for a dish that the whole family will love.

A bowl of fresh pappardelle with crab, samphire and tomatoes

Shallot tarte tatin

Show off sweet and tender shallots in this savoury take on a tarte tatin. Best served with a wedge of blue cheese.


Caramelised parsnips and shallots

Shallots are fried, rather than roasted, in this sweet, glistening parsnip side dish.

Caramelised Parsnips Recipe with Shallots

BBQ paneer with beetroot, coconut and crispy shallots 

A BBQ veggie dish with a difference, try this paneer recipe from gourmet kebab restaurant Le Bab, featuring beetroot, crispy shallots and coconut for an easy dish promising colour and a range of earthy flavours.

BBQ Paneer Recipe with Crispy Shallots, Beetroot and Coconut

Sweet shallot and ricotta pasta

If you’re after an impressive main but you’re short on time, try this caramelised shallots and creamy ricotta pasta dish for a light but indulgent supper for two.

Sweet shallot and ricotta pasta

Caramelised shallot mash

You can’t get a better side dish than sticky-sweet shallot and creamy mash. Serve with bangers and you’ll have a winning weeknight dinner on your hands.

Caramelised shallot mash

Spiced mackerel fillets with shallot and lemon chickpeas

This light mackerel and shallot dish promises plenty of zest and warming flavour thanks to lemon, harissa and cumin.

Sweet shallot and ricotta pasta

Open steak sandwich with balsamic shallots

A lunchtime option that’s as luxurious as it is quick and easy, try this open steak sandwich topped with sweet caramelised shallots for a lunch you’ll want to savour.

open steak sandwich balsamic shallots

Roast sirloin with balsamic shallots and Yorkies

Balsamic shallots and roast sirloin of beef are the perfect partners in this impressive family-friendly Sunday roast.

Roast sirloin with balsamic shallots and Yorkies

Shallot and blue cheese tarts

Shallots and creamy blue cheese mix to make a beautiful vegetarian starter, one that’s easy to assemble but guaranteed to impress guests.

Shallot and blue cheese tarts

Marrow, potato and shallot bake

This vegetarian shallot bake from Olia Hercules holds lots of great earthy flavours, with smashed garlic and soft herbs elevating the veg.

Olia Hercules Potato Bake

Artichoke, shallot and smoked bacon tart

This artichoke, shallot and bacon tart promises earthy, smoky and salty flavours all in one bite, making it a fail-safe option to please a crowd of hungry dinner party guests.

Artichoke Tart Recipe

Crisp greens with shallot, pancetta and chestnut butter 

Shallots are the secret weapon in this levelled up brussels sprouts side dish studded with pancetta and chestnuts.

Greens With Shallot, Pancetta And Chestnut Butter Recipe

Rocket, seared beef and shallot salad

A healthy supper salad that will keep you full for longer, try this lavish seared steak with shallots, rocket and a fresh lemon dressing for a simple but satisfying dinner.

Rocket, seared beef and shallot salad

John Torode’s côte de boeuf with caramelised shallots

Check out John Torode’s côte de boeuf with caramelised shallots for a dish that leans into indulgence, perfect for when you want to impress.

John Torode's côte de boeuf with caramelised shallots

Whole braised duck with olives and shallots

John Torode’s whole braised duck makes good use of shallots in this easy-to-follow one-pot recipe – a reliable dish to serve at your next dinner party.


Pot-roast shin of beef with winter greens

For a cosy Sunday lunch spent around the table, try this slowly roast beef shin served with shallots, hazelnuts and wintery root veg.

A white plate of beef with greens and mashed potato

Farro, grilled peach and pecan salad

A vibrant vegan salad balances sweet grilled peaches with lime-pickled shallots, creating a dish that’s perfect for a lunch spent in the sun.

Grilled Peach Salad With Pecans and Farro

Long-stemmed broccoli, smoked yogurt and peanuts

This easy broccoli recipe from Islington restaurant Linden Stores is chock-full of crunchy texture and smoky flavour thanks to the creamy yogurt, shallots and roasted peanuts.

Long Stem Broccoli Recipe with Smoked Yogurt

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