Easy Halloween mocktails

A bottle of homemade grenadine with pomegranate on the side

Create suitably scary mocktails for your Halloween gathering with a few clever twists and decorative ideas. Make some blood-red brews and gruesome green smoothies to fit with your Halloween theme.

Upgrade your party menu with creepy Halloween cocktail recipes for spine-tingling tipples and our best Halloween recipe ideas for fun finger food and spooky party platters to share.

Easy Halloween mocktails

Grenadine fizz

Make a bottle of homemade blood-red grenadine using sharp pomegranate juice and floral orange blossom water. Top up your glass of grenadine with sparkling water and ice for a fruity mocktail in a flash.

A bottle of homemade grenadine with pomegranate on the side

Passion fruit martini mocktail

Combine cloudy apple juice, zesty lime and a sweet passion fruit syrup to make our fun and fruity martini mocktail. This non-alcoholic version of a classic cocktail should take pride of place on any mocktail menu.

Passionfruit Martini Cocktail Recipe

Pomegranate and rosemary shrub

These tangy fruit and vinegar syrups make a great non-alcoholic drink when diluted with sparkling or tonic water. A dash of our herby pomegranate and rosemary shrub will add a sinister red tinge to your drinks tray.

Three homemade shrubs in tumbler glasses on a white marble table

Super green smoothie

Serve up some ghoulish green goo in the form of our blitzed fruit and veg smoothie. It gets its colour from spinach and kale, and a thick texture from blended rolled oats and banana chunks.

Super green smoothie

Mulled tea punch

A mugful of our spiced hibiscus tea will warm up your guests on chilly October evenings. Serve with orange slices and a cinnamon stick for an extra dose of punchy flavours.

Hibiscus Tea Punch Recipe

Margarita mocktail

Our alcohol-free margarita uses punchy pickle juice as the secret ingredient to bring the zing. Add a sprinkling of devilish spice to proceedings with a homemade citrus-chilli salt. Ideal if you’re driving, or just fancy a lighter evening.

Margarita Mocktail Recipe


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