Enjoy 50% off a Maxburn Fitness Plate Pro II, plus a free gift!

Maxburn Fitness Plate Pro II (female - standing position)

If you’re struggling to keep up with online workouts, or you can’t run because of knee or joint injuries, the Maxburn Fitness Plate Pro II is perfect for you, as you can enjoy a full body workout at home with this fantastic oscillation plate. This oscillation technology is a shift away from old-fashioned vibration plates that can have a negative impact on your body’s joints and muscles – instead, the Maxburn Fitness Plate Pro II is designed to move with the contours of your body, targetting the larger, core muscles to improve balance and strength. Better yet, with this exclusive deal, you can get it for just £399 (RRP £799), plus free delivery to any UK mainland address. Simply enter the code MAX88 at checkout, and you’ll also receive free resistance bands worth £30!

Enjoy 50% off now


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Don’t forget to use the code MAX88 when ordering your Maxburn Fitness Plate Pro II to enjoy your 50% discount and free gift of resistance bands. Its whole-body vibration technology offers a versatile, full body workout that will help improve balance and core strength, while also being gentle on your joints and muscles. What’s more, this model has an impressive range of features, including:

  • Bluetooth connection
  • A variety of modes including: Music, Auto and Manual
  • A timer and speed counter
  • Low energy consumption
  • LED technology
  • An infrared remote control
  • It syncs with music and has built-in speakers so you can enjoy working out to your favourite tunes
  • A shock-resistant LCD screen
  • An anti-slip mat
  • A silent plate vibrator
  • Wheels for easy storage

Enjoy 50% off now

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