May recipes

May recipes

Want to know what’s in season in May? Looking for May recipe ideas? Use leafy broccoli,  jersey royal potatoes. fiery radish and watercress from your local greengrocer to make these seasonal dishes and bakes. We’ve included plenty of tips for how to shop for particular varieties, prepping guides and useful ideas to use up leftovers.


Watercress, with its deep green leaves and peppery, slightly bitter flavour, is a highly nutritious and versatile ingredient. Toss it into salads, whizz into soups or add into stir-fries to add a gentle earthiness to dishes. Look for bunches rather than bags as it will retain its flavour and crunch longer – store in a glass of water in the fridge before using. Try our best watercress recipes.

Prawn and watercress stir-fry

Watercress adds peppery notes to this saucy stir-fry. It’s low in calories and perfect for a springtime dinner.


Jersey royals

Prized for their creamy texture and delicate papery skins, this variety is often seen as the best in class when it comes to new potatoes. Their Protected Designation of Origin status makes them distinguishable from other new potatoes, but their texture is what really stands out. Simply boil and toss them in butter, cook and slice into salads or frittatas, or roast them in olive oil so their flavour concentrates and becomes an incredible carrier for the punchy salsa in the recipe below. Check out our favourite Jersey royals recipes.

Roast new potatoes with chilli crab salsa

A light and sunny way to enjoy Jersey Royals, with chilli-flecked white crab meat. Perfect served as a light lunch with a glass of cold, crisp white wine in the garden.



The humble broccoli has so much to offer. Try roasting florets until golden tinged, then scattering over a blanket of finely grated parmesan; cutting into wedges and roasting on the BBQ with red pepper and spicy salsas spooned over; slow cooking until soft and yielding, then stirring through pasta; or serving in a squidgy sandwich with salty anchovies and creamy mozzarella. Look for dark green heads with the stalk and leaves intact. Don’t forget the stalk – chop finely and cook along with the florets as they hold so much flavour and reduce waste. Here are our favourite broccoli recipes to let it shine.

Overcooking broccoli really can be a thing of joy. It becomes soft, squidgy and deeply satisfying in this salty, chewy sarnie made with homemade focaccia.

Broccoli and mozzarella focaccia


The fiery flavour and crisp texture of radishes makes them perfect for adding to salads or serving whole with dipping salts and butter. Varieties include watermelon, mooli, black radishes and the classic breakfast radish. Choose ones that are unblemished and firm-skinned – and shock in cold water for extra crunch. Find plenty of radish recipes here.

Fresh, crunchy, peppery radishes work well in tacos paired with tender steak. This marinade is great with chicken thighs or pork fillet, too.

Steak and radish tacos

Miso buttered roast radishes

Peppery pink radishes steal the limelight in this simple side, with white miso, sesame seeds and soy sauce

Miso buttered roast radishes

Chicken schnitzel with pickled radishes

Serve your next crispy chicken schnitzel with a colourful side of quick-pickled radishes, flavoured with dill, cucumber and fennel.

Chicken schnitzel with pickled radishes

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