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Easy Care Plant Set

Whether you’re new to gardening or have a habit of killing off plants, or you have a friend or loved one who does, this Easy Care House Plant set from Oxy-Plants is a great place to start. The plant set features three hardy house plants, each of which can really be put through their paces and even face periods of neglect (although that isn’t encouraged)! And, as if you needed any more convincing, with this exclusive deal, you can get 35% off it! To receive a set that includes pots, enter the code TJZ52MRA at the checkout and you’ll pay £64.99 instead of £99.99, or for a set without pots, enter the code 4CZ6CWBQ and pay £44.99 rather than £69.99. Plus, as part of this fantastic deal, you’ll also get 20% of any e-gift voucher – simply enter the code 4BNEDXTH at the checkout to receive your discount.

Save 35% now


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Oxy-Plants’ Easy Care House Plant set will breathe life into any home and would make a fabulous gift that grows. A standard set without pots includes:

  • 1 x ZZ Plant – also known as Zanzibar Gem, this plant comes from Eastern Africa. It has lovely glossy leaves and is super easy to care for. (70-90cm)
  • 1 x Devil’s Ivy – or Pothos, originates from the French Polynesian islands. As a vine plant it will make a beautiful hanging feature, as it can be draped from baskets and pots. It earned its name thanks to its ferocious growth and its ability to bounce back from the worst conditions. (40-60cm)
  • 1 x Cast Iron Plant – native to Japan and Taiwan, the Aspidistra elatior is super-hardy and sometimes known to bloom tiny flowers, although it’s mainly grown for its foliage and is a great desktop companion. (70-90cm)

Simply enter the code 4CZ6CWBQ at the checkout to claim 35% off this collection.

If you choose the bundle that includes pots, you’ll also receive three 21cm stone pots (1 x dark grey, 1 x light grey, 1 x grey brown) – just use the code TJZ52MRA to get 35% off this set.

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Save 35% now

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